Monday, February 16, 2009

Blogger Search and Google Search

I now have two search boxes on the upper right, one in blue for local site searches that uses the Blogger search to go through CSS Bakery posts exclusively, the other in grape for web searching by Google. I have to admit this is wasteful and redundant but we are new, the real estate is cheap, so why not? Typically, what you see is two radio buttons at the bottom of the search box forcing you to choose one of the options. Once is indexed by the internet robots, I will switch to a single search box. Right now, Google web search is not very helpful in retrieving posts. They don't know we exist.

For anyone who is curious about the graphics, converting my original blue graphics to the new color was very easy in Adobe Photoshop. I did not have the patience to redo the image in a new color set so I stacked a color balance adjustment layer over all the blue parts and used the same numbers for everything including the arrow button. My adjustment layer numbers were (64,-64, -64).

I used the same code for the new box with one exception. Notice the input area is bordered by a color that is close to the predominant background color but slightly different to give the graphics more depth. As you can see below, I did this through two selectors, input.sbox and input.spbox by setting them to the hex color combination I want.

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