Wednesday, March 02, 2011

E Ink: Kindle DX, Reader and Nook

When Sony came out with their Reader three, four years ago, it was the only device that used e-ink, predating Amazon's Kindle. The second generation Sony was not as nice a package as the first one but was faster. I would have stayed loyal to the brand, had it not been for my PDF files that require a larger screen to view. Along the way, I also acquired a Nook which has a touch screen for navigation but again not very useful to me because of its small screen.

Kindle DX is so far working out fine for me. There's still a lot of room for improvement - a simple page turn can take too long (I do not remember Sony Reader getting stuck this long), no SD card slot when first generation Sony Reader had one, and a flash when changing pages. The faster these devices get, the more the transition between pages looks like a flash and catches your eye. Minor issues: No cover, no stand.

People are also fond of iPads for reading books/documents. They are nice but an iPad with a backlit screen and an e-ink device are two very different things. If your eyes are tired from having to read backlit displays, an e-ink device can make a difference in your life.

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